Featured Brand: Pili Kukurelo

A dream made real

Pili Kukurelo’s eponymous collection is inspired by her heritage and imbued with a free, cosmopolitan spirit. Design is in her genes. As a child Pili watched her grandmother and mother design wedding dresses, and dreamed of bringing the flowing forms of her imagination to life. When she came of age, Pili joined her mother in expanding creatively to design luxurious private collections for clients in the U.S. and U.K. under the Manos del Peru brand.
Pili Kukurelo reflects a blend of cultural influences, drawn from Pili’s native Peru, as well as her design-rich Italian and Croatian roots. Inspiration also comes from her family travels to far-flung places, where she absorbed the grandeur of cathedrals and the mysteries of ancient architecture. Nature, too, inspires the subtle tones and structures of her designs: earth, breezes, gentle undulations and shifting light.
Following the Manos del Peru tradition, all Pili Kukurelo pieces are made by talented artisans from the villages outside Lima, who spin Pili’s creations from natural, native fabrics, using handcrafted processes passed down through the ages.
Manos del Peru