Spool to hanger, the journey begins.

With the discerning wearer in mind, Manos del Peru creates original lines of luxury apparel and accessories as well as the materials from which dreams are spun. From simple, comfortable pieces with the softness of the cloud-covered Andes to intricate, hand-wrought designs, all provide long-wearing quality and exemplify the heritage of their native Peruvian creators.

Luxury Yarns and Fabrics – Effortless Beauty, Enduring Quality

Alpaca and baby alpaca feature prominently in our original designs, as they are simply among the finest fabrics in the world. Guided by herdsmen in the high Andes, alpacas move gracefully, leaving even the softest terrain undamaged. Their wool is softer than cashmere and warmer than sheep’s wool. Ranging in natural colors from the purest ivory to the deepest black, our alpaca and baby alpaca fibers are effortlessly beautiful and 100% natural.

Pima cotton is a newer and most welcome addition to our product line. The deep, fertile soil of Peru’s northern coastal valleys cultivates elegant flowers that transform into the supplest bolls from which the long, silky fibers of pima cotton are drawn. Like fine wine, it can take many forms – some more divine than others. The slightest touch reveals its quality.

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